About Us

What is Focalize?

• to provide an internal focus (for a text)
• to bring to a focus
• localize

Focalize is a top-quality English to Simplified Chinese translation and localization company.
We don’t just provide translations of the highest quality; instead, we create compelling Chinese content and copy with our clients in mind. Our perspective is our client’s; our focus is our client’s target audience.

This is why our clients - from startups to Fortune 500 multinational conglomerates - return to us again and again: we provide a level of personalization and custom focus that bigger LSPs (Language Service Providers) and MLVs (Multi-Lingual Vendors) lack. We use only the top linguists to ensure reliability of quality and cultural cohesion; we assign small teams to individual accounts to ensure that your company voice remains consistent across all contexts, projects, and media.

We provide two levels of language services:
Gold: provides high-quality, accurate, fluent content that is compatible with your style guides.
This option is suitable for most translation requests - including manuals, online help guides, general documents, and similar.

Platinum: on top of Gold-level quality and service, we take extra measures to further improve impact and readability by taking on your target audience’s perspective. We guarantee that the voice and tone of our content coheres with that of your brand, and that it perfectly aligns with your target culture and target audience. This option is ideal for translating business and marketing content: e.g., brochures, business letters, corporate presentations, press releases, etc.

Who is Focalize?

Our team is currently made up of dozens of top linguists - each of them carefully screened, each with at least five years of translation and localization experience.

About our Founder:
Qingqing Wang (English name: “Thinkcell”) is a ProZ.com Certified PRO translator with over 15 years and 12 million words of experience. He won the 11th ProZ.com contest for English to Simplified Chinese translation and placed second for English to Chinese.

After working as Chief Linguist for several large localization companies in Beijing, Thinkcell started taking on his own clients and earned a reputation for quality, professionalism, punctuality, integrity, and creativity. In 2009, he partnered with another linguist and founded Baiyu (now Focalize) in order to provide the same level of quality and focused customer commitment on a larger scale.

Now, in addition to managing a team of experts, Thinkcell continues to take the lead on some of the company’s most delicate projects.

Why Focalize?

By choosing Focalize, you’ve chosen multi-layered protection under our Aegis Guarantee:
We see our clients as partners, not paychecks - so when we work on a project (or series of projects) for you, your best interests are our best interests.


1. We guarantee integrity, honesty, and transparency: we aim to always do the right thing for our clients. (Our original name, “Baiyu,”comes from a collection of parables advising people against evils and harm.) We’ll never sacrifice quality; we’ll never take on a project unless we’re confident that we can complete it within your time frame and above your expectations; we’ll never provide stilted, literal translations.
2. We guarantee security and privacy: your information is encrypted in our system with a reliable data backup solution in place. We’ll never disclose any of your information without your express permission.
3. We guarantee completed projects on time, every time: We understand the time-sensitive nature of our clients’needs. You have enough stressors to deal with; waiting for our work will never be one of them! We’ve developed and perfected a streamlined project management system to ensure that we deliver your job as soon as possible - often far earlier than deadline.
4. Our Aegis Guarantee extends to your target audience as well: we triple-check all content with our best linguists to ensure that your message will come across exactly as intended without the possibility of offense, upset, or misunderstanding. Our protection guarantees that, with the help of our translated/localized content, your business will have every opportunity to take root, compete, and flourish in new Chinese markets.
We charge less for higher quality work than the big LSPs do - not because we take shortcuts, but because we’re strategic. First, maintaining a small team based in a mid-size city cuts costs on our end so that we can offer you lower prices.
Even better? We believe that maximizing client happiness is more important than maximizing profits for every single job. We place an emphasis on retaining clients through meaningful, long-term relationships - a solution that’s ultimately better for both of us.
This approach is so central to our work that we’ve used it to define our company identity.
1. We don’t just translate your words; we translate your message Literal translations range from awkward to incomprehensible; our work, on the other hand, is tailored to send your message as intended. We check and double - check with you to confirm that we understand your intentions and your audience. Then, we rely on our team’s extensive knowledge base of language, geography, history, culture, relevant subject matter, and more to create content that works the way you want, where you want.
2. Thanks to the Focalize team’s versatility, creativity, and technical knowledge, we guarantee that our content will work for you. We can write clear, concise, technical documents and manuals; creative, compelling marketing copy that results in conversions; and everything in between.
3. We apply rigorous TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) standards to every single piece of content, no matter how small. Most big LSPs skimp on or skip this step altogether; at Focalize, though, we understand the importance of details.
As our client, you will always communicate with the same point of contact. This means you don’t have to worry about different team members receiving mixed messages concerning your order, your needs, your timeline, etc.
At Focalize, we combine the benefits of hiring an individual (ease of communication and personal interaction) with the collective years of experience and expertise plus additional proofreading eyes that only a team can provide.