Global Business Update Translations

Project Background:
We were hired to translate Global Business Updates for a major Fortune 500 multinational conglomerate: the CEO personally presents these bi-weekly updates to an entire department.

Though each individual update was quite short, this long-term project required consistency of voice and tone as well as careful, business-appropriate style and phrasing.

  1. We chose our most experienced linguist (our founder) to take the lead on every project in this account to ensure consistency. Read More >>
  2. First, this linguist read through each Global Business Update to get an idea of the overall content and tone; on a second read-through, he marked any potentially difficult areas. After thorough investigation of marked items, he would translate a first draft.
  3. Next, the lead linguist read through the draft and made any necessary changes to ensure fluency and consistency of tone and coherence with company voice; he also identified any inappropriate wording that might upset the target audience.
  4. The improved draft was read aloud both to the team and by another team member in order to catch any lingering grammatical issues or awkward turns of phrase.
  5. Each project was delivered only after the final version had been approved by everyone on the team.

The client was delighted by our first translation, pleased that it had perfectly communicated both the original message and the company’s voice. We were the client’s first choice for the rest of this project.