Localization of IT Website

Project Background:
We were hired by one of the very top Fortune 500 companies (a multinational corporation specializing in internet-based products and services) to localize web content for a target audience of both customers and ad partners. Read More >>

This client is well known for their high standards and expectation of perfection in every operation. They have set up comprehensive and extremely strict quality standard guidelines for translations: for example, they won’t accept literal translations and they require fully localized content. This is why the client turns to us: we provide more than an excellent translation; we also take cultural differences into account to ensure that all content is well received by its target audience(s).

  1. First, we organized a project team specifically for this account; we provided that team’s members with extensive training on the client’s instructions, background, target audience, target market, and more.
  2. We always perform a thorough TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) process on every sentence of all translated content to ensure that that sentence faithfully and fluently reflects the meaning of its source text.
  3. After this rigorous TEP process, we double- and triple-checked each segment of our translation: it was important to us to confirm that
     a) we could understand the content easily,
     b) we liked the translation, and
     c) if in the target audience’s shoes, we would be interested in the client’s products and services based on our content.
  4. We were able to improve the translation significantly based on this thorough self-examination.
Our finished product went above and beyond the client’s expectations - and again, this is a client with incredibly high expectations!