Diplomatic Business Letters

Project Background:

We were hired to translate a business letter from a Danish corporation to a former president of China.

Maintaining the correct voice and tone for this letter was of utmost importance; this job required the highest standards of professionalism, politeness, and business etiquette. It was paramount that our letter convey courtesy appropriate for its recipient while simultaneously achieving its business goals: it must be convincing, appealing, and neither too humble nor too arrogant. Read More >>

  1. We chose our most experienced linguist with the highest level of Chinese language skills to complete the project.
  2. After this initial translation, we asked that other team members read the letter - without access to the English source text - to ensure that there were no political issues or potentially inappropriate words/phrases.
The client was thrilled with our translation and with the former president’s reaction. As a direct result of this letter, the client was able to extensively expand their business in China.