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China is one of the largest markets in the world - and it’s growing rapidly. Global corporations that are successful in the Chinese market bring in enormous revenue as a result. However, despite the fact that Chinese customers tend to trust international brands, very few can read English easily.

So, how can your company break into this enormously lucrative market?

At Focalize, we offer reliable Chinese translation and localization services, a winning combination that guarantees Professional Preadaptation:

What does this mean?
Our services ensure that your brand is already adapted to its new market as soon as you start doing business. You don’t have to worry about misunderstandings caused by awkwardly phrased literal translations; you don’t have to worry about slow growth due to unexpected cultural effects of your product’s presentation.
You don’t have to worry.
Our Professional Preadaptation service lets you start doing business with confidence, ensuring that your brand is trusted by consumers in its new market.


At Focalize, we specialize in technical and marketing translation - from product specifications and user manuals to advertisements and creative copywriting, as well as everything in between! Read More>>

§ Technical Translation
Our team includes subject matter experts with extensive experience in and knowledge of various technical domains, including multiple IT industries, telecomm, finance, automobiles, engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, and more.

  • Our experts are comfortable and capablewith industry standard terminology
  • We work with you to ensure that we fully understand your particular term base before beginning; we’ll continue to update our term base in response to yourspecifications
  • If you don’t have a term base, we’ll develop one for you and send it to you for approval
  • We use various Translation Memory systems: e.g., SDL Trados, memoQ, Alchemy Catalyst, Dejavu, XTM, Crowdin, etc. This allows us to:
    • leverage any repeated content - thus reducing your cost and shortening your project’s lifecycle
    • guarantee consistency across content
  • Our team can help you maximize any previous translation and localization investments. If you haven’t used Translation Memory systems before, we can convert your content into our Translation Memory for future projects.

For each large technical project, our team conducts the most comprehensive translation process available, including:

  • Project analysis evaluation: we determine your needs and preferences, identify and eliminate any potential obstacles, and design a schedule proposal and quote
  • Glossary preparation
  • TEP: Translating + Editing + Proofreading
  • LQI: Language Quality Inspection
  • First delivery
  • Feedback implementation
  • Final delivery with updated TM (Translation Memory)

§ Marketing Translation
We understand that accuracy and fluency aren’t enough for successful marketing translations: instead, we produce Chinese content that works as intended on your target audience and actually produces conversions in its new market.

  • Our extremely high-level language skills allow us to translate not just your words, but also your company tone and appropriate style
  • We approach each translation from your perspective to ensure consistent marketing messages and cohesive company voice; we also approach each translation from the perspective of your target audience to ensure its effectiveness


According to the former Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA), localization refers to “the process of modifying products or services to account for differences in distinct markets.”

Localization picks up where translation left off to ensure that we’ve not only captured your message, we’ve also presented that message in a manner that works in the Chinese market. Successfully localized content involves several categories of consideration, as it takes into account the adaptation of non-textual components of a product or service: Read More >>

    1.Linguistic Issues:
    We focus on linguistic issues primarily for the localization of technical communication: for example, issues involved in a product’s user interface (UI) and documentation, or the re-engineering required for certain linguistic - dependent applications (e.g., applications’ programming interfaces (APIs) and search engines).

    2. Content and Cultural Issues:
    Simple features of presentation - including formatting of names, dates, addresses, and telephone numbers; proper forms of address; choice of icons, graphics, and even the colors used - can have a major impact on your target audience that varies across countries and markets. Legality, functionality, and audience acceptance can make or break your brand’s success in foreign markets.
    Luckily, our localization engineers have extensive knowledge of Chinese history, geography, government, cultures, religions, legal practices, and more; we ensure that your product/service will merge seamlessly into its new business environment.

    3. Technical Issues:
    Finally, we take into account the technical and physical impact of your new market on your existing product/service. For example, supporting local languages - especially Chinese languages that don’t use roman script - can require extensive re-design and re-engineering work. Some of these languages require twice the disk space per character compared with an English language version, meaning that software code, product design, packaging, etc. must be adapted for success in the Chinese market as well.

At Focalize, our team understands these challenges: we know how to approach and solve every localization issue required by your particular product or service, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your brand’s reception by its new target audience (or by their government!).
We have extensive experience in
 • Product localization (including UI, online help, user manuals, and more)
 • Website localization
 • eLearning localization
 • Desktop publishing localization